The Best Holiday Candles: 2020

The holiday season is now in full swing, and it’s time to start making your home ready to entertain with the best holiday candles of 2020. Gold Soul Candle Co, has released its 2020 Holiday candle collection, and they are an eclectic group of candles with sophisticated scents that appeal to the entire family. The Holiday Collection includes Sparkle, Joy and Noel.

The inspiration for this collection was a warm and cozy Christmas vacation. The scents associated with Christmas vacation are incorporated into each Christmas candle to evoke a feeling of joy and nostalgia. The smell of fresh-baked gingerbread cookies, the aroma of a freshly lit celebratory cigar, and the subtle hint of peppermint in the air are all captured in what is sure to be the best holiday candles of 2020.

Learn more about each of the candles below.

1. Sparkle

Sparkle, the best holiday candles 2020

The first candle in the Christmas Collection is Sparkle. A shining star, Sparkle lights up the Christmas Collection with its natural and vibrant peppermint aroma. Sparkle is an amazing holiday candle because peppermint is a great way to incorporate clean and fresh scents during the holiday season. This candle performs best as an entryway and guest room scent due to its lightness and wide appeal.

2. Joy

Joy, the best holiday candles 2020

The second candle of the collection is Joy. True to its name, Joy makes the holidays just a little more exciting with its fresh baked gingerbread aroma. Joy is the first dessert-focused gourmand scent from Gold Soul and is sure to make your holiday celebrations sweeter. Joy performs best in kitchens and large living space areas, due to its massive projection.

3. Noel

Noel, the best Holiday Candles 2020

The last candle of the Christmas Collection is Noel. Christmas vacation in candle form, Noel takes you away with its balancing aromas of smoky tobacco and warm vanilla. Noel is a standout candle in the collection due to its versatility as it is also a great candle to burn year-round. Noel performs best as a bedroom or lounge area scent.

Click here to purchase the Christmas Collection candles. For more ideas on some great holiday candles for 2020, check out the article from Oprah Magazine that inspired this post.

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