How to Find Your Perfect Signature Home Fragrance Based on Your Style

How to find your signature home fragrance based on your

Want your home to smell as unique as you with a signature home fragrance?

Of course you do, because scent is the most powerful trigger of memories. Even if you spend thousands of dollars creating the most beautifully decorated home, it never truly makes the impact that scent does.

So how do you find a signature scent that makes you and your family feel good and matches your style?

What’s your home’s decor style

The first mistake that many people make is not matching their home fragrance to the natural mood of the home. This is where you have to be honest with yourself and label your style. Are you a lover of neutrals and simplicity or are you an over the top glam and glitz decorator?

From minimalist to modern farmhouse styles, we suggest you bookmark this home fragrance guide for reference when looking for inspiration for your home or next project. Here are some common decor styles and the scents that set off their mood:


Signature Home Fragrance

Rustic decor is characterized by its emphasis on animal skins like cow hide rugs and leather, deep natural color pallet, and mixed woods. These homes often make the fireplace the center of the home and mix patterns for balance.

The perfect fragrances for rustic homes are balanced sweet and smoky scents with notes of tobacco, leather, Vetiver, incense, vanilla, lavender, and tuberose.

The key is to balance out some of the woody notes with sweet notes for a cozy scent your family will love.

An example of a scent for rustic homes can be found here.


Signature Home Fragrance

Minimalist decor is often subtle, light, and practical. Typically neutral tones and muted art is paired with simple, yet inviting decor to create a home that can best be described as “easy.”

The perfect signature home fragrance for minimalist homes focuses on that light feeling from the decor along with an emphasis on natural scents. For minimalistic homes, look for scents that contain notes like, jasmine, sage, eucalyptus, neroli, rosmary and ylang ylang.

The key here is to opt for a light and airy scent that simply adds detail to the home rather than overwhelm it with artificial fragrance.

An example of a scent for minimalistic homes can be found here.


Signature Home Fragrance

Modern homes are typically filled with clean lines and hard surfaces like glass, metal, and steel. They are characterized by their sleek furnishings and earthy colors.

A great way to complement this home’s stylish interior with fragrance is to opt for fresh and floral fragrances. Your signature home fragrance for modern homes should include notes like rose, jasmine, sandalwood, freesia, bergamot, and lemon.

For modern homes the focus should on fresh florals that enhance the home and balance out some of the cold hard decor.

An example of a scent for minimalistic homes can be found here.


Signature Home Fragrance

Bohemian decor is influenced by a mixture of various cultures, textures, colors, and patterns. It is bold and daring with an emphasis on warm earthy colors.

Enhance your bohemian space by getting bold with fragrance. This style of home can handle big fragrance , so feel free to go green and bold. You should look for notes like lilac, patchouli, incense, cedar, amber, pink pepper, and saffron.

If you’re finding a scent for a Bohemian home, focus on bringing the earthy and culturally diverse feel of the decor into your home’s fragrance with bold greenery and spices.

An example of a scent for Bohemian homes can be found here.

Mid-Century Modern

Signature Home Fragrance

Mid-Century modern homes are characterized by use of materials like wood, plastic, and leather. There tends to be a focus on organic lines and expansive color pallet.

Find your mid-century modern home’s signature scent by looking for clean and musky notes in your fragrance. Some notes that you should include should be musk, freesia, amber, sandalwood, lavender, and geranium.

Here is a good example of a fragrance that will enhance your home.

Modern Farmhouse

Signature Home Fragrance

Modern farmhouse homes combine the sleek elements of modern homes with traditional farmhouse elements. These homes typically use materials like wood and galvanized steel along with vintage decor pieces.

For a signature home scent in a modern farmhouse home focus on fresh and natural scents to balance the modern and farmhouse-influenced decor. Fragrance notes that you should look for include freesia, sandalwood, bergamot, mint, and honeysuckle.

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