How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

How to Make your home smell amazing
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We all have that friend whose home smells amazing all the time. Unfortunately, they may not always share their secrets of making their home smell amazing, or you may be too embarrassed to ask.

Luckily, at Gold Soul Candle Co., we do a lot of research to figure out what are the best and easiest ways to make your home smell amazing all the time.

To make it concise, we’ve come up with the top 5 things that you can do right now to help and keep your home smelling amazing.

1. Keep the Trouble Areas the Cleanest

The first step is to keep the trouble areas, the cleanest areas in your home. By trouble areas, we mean the areas that hold onto the most dirt and odors like your kitchen and bathrooms.

Make it a habit of doing the dishes every night and wiping down countertops every time you use the sink. Yes, every time.

Home smell amazing

2. Ditch the Air Freshener Sprays

Contrary to popular commercials and advertisements, synthetic air fresheners are not the top choice of people with immaculate smelling homes. These sprays simply mask odors with chemicals that may not be the healthiest for you or your home.

Air freshener sprays also do not last nearly as long as they would need to in order to have your home smell good all the time. You can check out this article by Scientific American to learn why air fresheners may not be the best choice to keep in your home. As an alternative, opt for linen sprays that bind to fabrics and last significantly longer like this one from Gold Soul Candle Co.

Home smell amazing

3. Choose a Signature Scent and Stick with it

Don’t fall into the trap of buying every single candle, diffuser oil, and linen spray you can find. Instead, try to stick to a signature scent that you want people to remember.

If you think of the people who you know have great smelling homes, you probably know their scent. Similarly, you should find your own signature scent that matches your home’s aesthetic.

How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing
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4. Drop Some Essential Oils Down Your Garbage Disposal

Once you’re done cleaning your kitchen, mix some water and a few drops of essential oils (I prefer to use something citrus like lemon) down the garbage disposal and cut it on for a few seconds.

This will clean out any nasty food smells left behind and fill your kitchen with a fresh clean smell.

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5. Air Out your Home At Least Once a Week

Finally, the last tip is to air out your home at least once a week. You would be surprised by the amount of smoke and odors that pile into your home weekly. Combat the weekly odors by bringing in some fresh air to your home.

Once a week, open some windows and doors throughout your home to release trapped odors. Fresh air is good for you and your home and will give it a light airiness that smells natural and clean.

Follow these five tips to help make your home smell amazing all the time. These steps are simple and the perfect start to getting your home smelling amazing with things that you can start doing today. So, take the first step by getting rid of those synthetic sprays and finding your signature scent.

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