How to Redefine Your Home: During the Pandemic

There’s nothing like a pandemic to get you thinking about the idea to redefine your home.

Since the pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, we are beginning to adjust to the “new normal.” This includes a lot of time in your home, which probably feels like its getting smaller each day.

This new normal also includes a lot of time in the house entertaining, learning skills and seeking comfort. At Gold Soul Candle Company, our aim has always been to help women to redefine their space.

This seems to be an especially crucial skill as we all try to stay home more. There are three things that can really help you define your space during this time which includes finding a signature home scent, adding in positive zen decor, and decreasing the clutter in your home.

1. Choose a Signature Home Scent
How to Redefine Your Home

While I don’t believe that you can only have one scent in your home, I do believe that your signature scent in your home is very important.

When you walk into your home, you need to decide what type of feelings you want people (including you and your family) to feel associated with your home. Are you going for a cozy, elegant, soft, feminine, or masculine vibe?

You could also go for a mixture, but the important thing is that you are intentional in the vibes that you create. You will be surprised by how well people will react to a scent that evokes positive and uplifting feelings.

2. Add in Positive Decor to Your Home
How to Redefine Your Home

Positive decor does not necessarily mean that you need inspirational quotes everywhere, but that the decor that you choose has meaning and can be associated with positive energy.

For example, instead of getting a regular desk lamp, opt for a Himalayan Salt Lamp, which can help to balance electromagnetic radiation and purify the air in your home.

Also, keeping natural items in your home like crystals and plants can help make your home warmer, more inviting and positive.

3. Decrease the Clutter
How to Redefine Your Home

Finally, make sure that you are not living with baggage. Clutter in the home becomes clutter in your mind and can make it very hard to define your home positively.

Take an entire day to go through every item in your home (yes, every item). If you don’t use it or love it, let it go. These “extra” things start to build up around us and can begin to induce feelings up anxiety and depression in the home.

If you have been feeling down or uninspired in your home, find out what’s in it that is weighing you down and get rid of it. Overall, at Gold Soul Candle Company we help you redefine your home through scent and positivity.

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