5 Ways to Meditate for Manifesting and Gratitude

meditation for manifesting and gratitude

If you are looking to increase the feeling of gratitude in your life and enhance your manifesting abilities, try one or all of these meditation techniques in your daily routine. Meditation is a process of allowing the mind to be at ease through various techniques. There is no perfect way to meditate and meditation may […]

How to Accomplish Your Goals Using a Journal

The 90 day goal journal is a powerful tool to help you accomplish your personal goals. It helps by taking small steps every day using the built in habit tracker, positive affirmations, and to-do lists. What is a Goal Journal? A goal journal is a productivity planner that helps you stay on track with your […]

The Gold Soul Candle Co. Twist on Pumpkin Spice Candles

Its officially pumpkin spice season and Gold Soul Candle Co. has created the perfect cozy fall scent, which launches September 16, 2021. We are so confident that you’ll love our twist on pumpkin spice that we named our newest Fall 2021 launch ‘FALL in love with Spiked’. Gold Soul Candle Co.’s founder Miesha Johnson created […]

Introducing: Gold Soul Candle Co. On-Site Candle-Making Parties

*Parties are available to clients located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.* We are pleased to introduce, Gold Soul Candle Co.’s newest offering, on-site candle-making parties. Gold Soul Candle Co. was launched June 5, 2020 during the height of the global pandemic, and has since then taken various safe measures to interact with our customers. We […]

What to Do in Dallas for Juneteenth 2021: Soul Saturday

RSVP for free Whether your looking to connect with the Dallas community or simply shop black for Juneteenth, Soul Saturday at Common Desk Oak Cliff has you covered. Soul Saturday is a specially curated pop-up shop targeted at uplifting and enhancing black entrepreneurship in Dallas. At Soul Saturday we invite the community to both shop […]

10 Relaxing Home Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

Much of our time these days is spent at home. Whether you’re still working from a home office, meal-prepping in your kitchen on weekends, or spending most of your leisure time looking at other homes for sale on your favorite real estate app, you may feel your home is not the calming space you’d hope it […]

How to Find Your Perfect Signature Home Fragrance Based on Your Style

How to find your signature home fragrance based on your

Want your home to smell as unique as you with a signature home fragrance? Of course you do, because scent is the most powerful trigger of memories. Even if you spend thousands of dollars creating the most beautifully decorated home, it never truly makes the impact that scent does. So how do you find a […]

Self Care Habits for the New Year: 5 Habits to Start

Gold Soul Candle Co.

Wanting to step up your self-care habits and routine for the new year? If you didn’t quite perfect your self-care habits last year, there no better time than now to start. With the end of the year approaching, many of us tend to look back on the year with a sense of anxiety. We start […]

How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

How to Make your home smell amazing

We all have that friend whose home smells amazing all the time. Unfortunately, they may not always share their secrets of making their home smell amazing, or you may be too embarrassed to ask. Luckily, at Gold Soul Candle Co., we do a lot of research to figure out what are the best and easiest […]