Introducing: Gold Soul Candle Co. On-Site Candle-Making Parties

*Parties are available to clients located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.*

We are pleased to introduce, Gold Soul Candle Co.’s newest offering, on-site candle-making parties. Gold Soul Candle Co. was launched June 5, 2020 during the height of the global pandemic, and has since then taken various safe measures to interact with our customers.

We have traveled throughout the State of Texas telling our story and crafting our vision of creating a brand that leads with innovation and imagination and connects with people .

About Gold Soul Candle Co.

Our story is simple, we are the pacemakers that push our industry and eventually, the world towards discovering a greater purpose. We call this pursuit a redefining of luxury, as we believe that a Gold Soul, one filled with purpose and alignment, is the ultimate luxury.

Gold Soul Candle Co. was created after our founder and Texas native Miesha Johnson decided to start experimenting with candle-making in her Dallas apartment. A year later, Gold Soul Candle Co. has been featured in DMagazine, DHome, and has worked with dozens of companies across Dallas to create custom candles and corporate gifts.

In alignment with our pursuit we will now be offering on-site candle-making classes where our clients will be able to gather, learn a new skill, and tap into their creative energy.

What is a Candle-Making Party?

Our candle-making parties are gatherings hosted by local Dallas-based companies, multi-family residences or party planners looking to spice up their approach to the typical corporate team-building or cocktail hours.

Representatives of Gold Soul Candle Co, will work with hosts prior to the party to choose the party options most aligned with their vision. Hosts will be able to choose from multiple candle vessels and styles to create their ideal party. Some ideas include “Candles and Mimosas” parties, “Candles and Coffee” parties, and more.

During the Candle-Making party, guests will be able to choose from multiple seasonal scents to craft their candles. They will learn some of the secrets of creating a great smelling candle, and learn the nuances of candle-making. Attendees will be equipped with everything that they need to make their perfect candle scent.

This is a social event, so our Gold Soul Candle Co. team members are “fun facilitators” and make sure that every attendee is comfortable with the instructions before moving through the candle-making process.

What is the Price Point?

Pricing for the Candle-Making parties varies based on the needs of the host, however they typically start off at $45 per person for hosting at multi-family residences and $75 per person for corporate team building (which includes custom candle labels with your companies logo).

Some additional options include candle vessel upgrades, scent-mixing classes, and Gold Soul gift bag bundles. For updated pricing or questions email

What are the Holiday Seasonal Options?

Our Holiday Seasonal parties will typically be our most requested, and therefore we encourage you to submit your requests for Holiday parties between 2-5 months in advance to ensure availability. We will change options for scents as the seasons change, so for an updated list of our current options click here.

We will be available to set up candle-making stations at holiday parties and weddings for a fun and creative parting gift for your guests.

We will also work with you to create your own custom scent to commemorate your event. Let us know how we can make your holiday memories even more special this year.

How to Book a Candle-Making Party?

Whether your vision is already set or you would like to brainstorm with us, let us know. You can contact us by either filling out the reservation form here, or emailing us at

After we reserve your date and time, we will begin our process of creating your candle-making party. This may include creating custom candle logos, custom scents, gift bundles and more.

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