The Best Candle for Men: And Women Love it Too

The hunt for the best candle for men at a great price has always been difficult. Often their are dozens of florals, fruit and sweet candles, and finding ones that satisfy men is nearly impossible. At Gold Soul Candle Co. we sought to solve this problem by creating a fragrance that was both sophisticated and masculine. The result was “Bae,” our signature scent that has become a favorite among candle lovers in Dallas-Fort-Worth.

Bae is the explosive signature scent from Gold Soul Candle Co. based on men’s cologne with notes of spicy berries, citrus, lavender and a heart note of amber. A crowd favorite, Bae is the luxury scent you’ve been looking for. Made from a soy blend, these candles have an amazing smell that fills your room and masks odors. The stylish matte black jars and gold branding sets these candles apart and creates a luxurious atmosphere within your home.

This candle is the perfect fit for men looking to add some personality to their home and decor, or women looking to gift the men in their life with a new home fragrance. These candles will help to define your home with a scent your guests will love. Explore this scent here at Gold Soul Candle Co.

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