5 Ways to Meditate for Manifesting and Gratitude

meditation for manifesting and gratitude

If you are looking to increase the feeling of gratitude in your life and enhance your manifesting abilities, try one or all of these meditation techniques in your daily routine.

Meditation is a process of allowing the mind to be at ease through various techniques. There is no perfect way to meditate and meditation may look different for everyone.

The benefits of meditation have been shown to be everything from healing the mind and body to cultivating peace, gratitude and abundance. To learn more about the benefits of meditation as a practice, I would recommend reading Still the Mind by Alan Watts and Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza.

1. Guided Meditation using Youtube or Apps

The first way that I would suggest that you start your meditation practice is through guided meditation. Meditation takes years to master and find confidence in, so you should first look for expert guidance.

Guided meditations are available on Youtube and apps like Headspace. Guided meditations are meditations that are led by an instructor.

The instructor will give you cues for breathing and visualization during your meditation to help keep you focused on your intention. There is typically very little time spent in absolute silence during a guided meditation and visual cues are more heavily relied on.

2. Silent Meditation

A silent meditation is what Meditation expert Alan Watts considers finding the “blackness” or stillness. Silent meditations are typically harder for beginners because it requires quieting your mind in order to get to a mental space where you feel as if you are no where and nothing. It requires you to mentally leave life as you know it to get into a space of nothingness.

For beginners, I would suggest that you start silent mediations at only 5-10 minutes. You will have to fight through your thoughts and the “boredness” the first times that you try it but the more that you do it the easier it is.

Some tips to help guide you through your silent mediation is to fight your tendency to think by observing your thoughts as though you are a third party. Don’t tell yourself to stop thinking because it will only increase your tendency to overthink. Instead, watch your thoughts and let them go. After a while, your mind will start to become more still.

Silent meditation is beneficial for ridding anxiety and calming your mind. It will also help silence negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

3. Walking Meditation

Walking meditations are great meditations for manifesting and mentally stepping into the life that you wish to live. To do walking meditations you should choose a place outside with very little disturbances.

Start by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth while walking at a comfortable pace. Allow your body to relax as you walk with your gaze set towards the distance. Make your breaths slow and deep as you relax into your stride.

As you walk, think of a scene that you would find yourself in if your desires where already manifested. Preferably think of a scene in which you would be walking. For example, if your goal is to get fit, you would image yourself as the fittest you ever were walking into the gym for your daily workout.

Physically begin to feel yourself in the scene and walk with the confidence and intention of the version of yourself that you wish to become. As you walk get deeper into the scene by hearing, seeing and even smelling the world as you wish to experience. Continue the walking meditation until you feel grateful and excited or as though you have already truly lived the experience.

I would suggest that you implement walking meditations into your routine at least once a week for 30 minutes. Find a good walking trail with light traffic and a clear path so that you don’t have to break your meditation.

4. Visualization Meditation

A visualization meditation is similar to the walking meditation but instead of walking you either lay down or sit up with your eyes closed.

To do a visualization meditation, start by doing breath work to relax the body. You can do this by breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth as you setting your thoughts.

To do a body scan, starting with either your toes or the top of your head, mentally ask each body part to relax as you continue to breathe deeply.

Once you are at ease and relaxed, begin to focus your mind on a scene that you would experience if your desire was already manifested. Imagine a scene that would make you feel totally grateful and at ease. As you picture this scene, make it real by interacting mentally with the environment. Feel, hear, smell and even imagine tasting in this scene.

As you mentally act this scene out, make sure to continue breathing and feeling gratitude. If you cannot do all of these elements at the same time the first time that you meditate, keep practicing and you will get better at it.

Once you feel totally grateful and almost as though the scene that you imagined is real, you can slowly take yourself out of the meditation by expressing gratitude that your manifestation has come true.

5. Meditation with Singing Bowls or a Powerful Frequency Sound

The last meditation technique is to meditate with the assistance or meditation music like singing bowls or frequency sounds.

Frequency sounds are each related to a specific healing ability.

The solfeggio frequencies and their related healing abilities are:

  • The 174 Hz – relief from tension and pain.
  • The 285 Hz – related to safety and energy
  • The 396 Hz – lowers fear and guilt
  • The 417 Hz – facilitate change and undoing situations
  • The 528 Hz – create miracles and transformations
  • The 639 Hz – reconnect and enhance relationships
  • The 741 Hz – find solutions and self-expression
  • The 852 Hz – return to a spiritual order
  • The 963 Hz – create room for oneness

You can find these frequencies on YouTube or Spotify by searching the frequency number.

By meditating to these frequencies, you allow their healing energy to surround you and allow you to fall deeper into the meditation. The same is done when using singing bowls, because they are said to have healing abilities as well.

To meditate to these sounds, simply allow your body to relax as you practice your breath work and clear your mind.


Meditating is a great way to help you meet your goals, which is why in the 90 Day Goal Journal, each day’s check-in include a space for you to record whether you have meditated for the day. If you would like to have a way to track your meditations as well as increase your focus, self-love, and gratitude, order the 90 Day Goal Journal today.

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