Our Story

Gold Soul Candle Co. was founded by Miesha  Johnson, a 26-year-old government professional and self-proclaimed candle connoisseur. After moving to Dallas for work and attempting to define her new home with decor and scent, Miesha realized how difficult the candle shopping process was. Overwhelmed with the typical selections and lack of sophisticated scents and candle vessels, Miesha had the idea of creating original scents for the home that align with what people truly want.

Our Brand

Gold Soul Candle Co. is a luxury candle company specializing in handcrafted soy-blend candles.  The brand seeks to help people to define their space through candles that redefine luxury. Gold Soul Candle Co. focuses on scent selection and creates small collections of the highest quality scents. We believe you shouldn’t have to smell twenty candles to choose the one that is right for you. 


Our soy-blend candles are hand-poured and cured for just the right amount of time to ensure the best quality.


Customer service is our specialty, scents are curated based 100% on customer feedback.


Gifting just got easier with the Gold Soul Candle option to add a name to your candle.