10 Healthy Goals for Fall 2022

10 Healthy Goals

Make this Fall 2022 a healthy and successful season by implementing these 10 healthy goals and habits into your life. If you’ve been trying to become healthier and happier with your life, these goals are small ways to help you achieve the life that you want.

1. Move Your Body for 30 Minutes a Day

Daily Movement with Apple Watch Fitness App

One of the most healthy things that you can do is to move your body. There are countless YouTube videos explaining how harmful sitting is to our health, so this fall try to move for at least 30 minutes a day.

Movement counts as anything that you intentionally do to raise your heart rate and get your whole body engaged. Some things that I have been loving is walking, shadowboxing, HIIT workouts, and pilates.

Instead of focusing on the calories burned or intensity of the workout, increase your focus on consistency. Consistency will show results and have you feeling healthier than burning out due to overexerting yourself on working out.

If you need some motivation to move, try adding your friends to your apple watch fitness app for some friendly competition, upgrading your workout wardrobe and following some inspirational fitness influencers on your favorite social media app.

2. Drink at Least 60 Oz of Water a Day

Our bodies are made up of over 60% water, so make sure that you getting your water in this fall. Increasing your water intake will help make your hair, nails, and skin look more supple and moisturized. The hydration will also help you feel more energized and focused throughout the day.

Personally, increasing water has helped me decrease my bloating and hunger throughout the day which helps me reach my fitness goals. So often our problems related to our bodies is caused by chronic dehydration, so there will likely be plenty of other benefits that you notice as you drink more water.

To get motivated to drink more water, start by buying a nice water bottle that holds at least 26oz of water. Water bottles with a straw tend to help you drink more water because you will find yourself mindlessly sipping. You should also remember to never leave the house without water, and to drink a big glass of water every morning before you eat breakfast.

3. Spend Time Outside at Least Once a Week

The outdoors do wonders for your health. Since in the fall, we will start getting less sunshine, it’s the perfect time to start being intentional about spending some time outdoors. Even if it is only a ten minute walk, spending some time outdoors will help your focus and mood.

The fresh air is an amazing mood booster and can help relieve you of some indoor allergies this season. You can also be intentional about being outdoors by practicing meditations in the sun and walking meditations.

To find motivation for getting outside, find a good podcast to walk to or google what the best parks in your city are and go there. You can also try to find some good hike and bike trails near you to explore.

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast at Least 5 Times a Week

By now you have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since it is literally the meal where you break your fast from the night before, it is important to treat it as a time to give your body exactly what it needs.

Start your morning off right by eating a breakfast rich in vitamins, nutrients and protein. Some healthy breakfast ideas are protein shakes, overnight outs, healthy waffles and pancakes, fruit, healthy breakfast meats, healthy breakfast tacos and omelets.

To get the motivation to eat a healthy breakfast, make a Pinterest board for easy, healthy and delicious breakfast ideas. If possible, meal prep your breakfast to decrease the amount of cooking you have to do during the week.

5. Write in Your 90 Day Goal Journal Everyday

Daily 90 Day Goal Journal “Check-in”

Of course I have to mention the healthiest thing that you can do for your soul this fall. The 90 Day Goal Journal by Gold Soul Lifestyle was created to help increase your focus, self-love, and gratitude to help you reach your goals.

The journal features daily check-ins that make it easy to stay focused on your goals, while building up your self-love and confidence. The journal also includes a free downloadable “Goal-Getters handbook” that gives you goal, affirmation, and gratitude statement examples.

Click here to order your 90 Day Goal Journal.

6. Make Your Bed Everyday

Adding structure and discipline to your routine starts with the little details. One detail that can really change your mornings and be a healthy habit is making your bed every morning.

This will help you get and stay out of bed so that you can actually accomplish something in the morning. It will also signal to your brain the start of your healthy morning routine and make your bedroom look much more polished everyday.

To gain motivation to make your bed everyday, invest in a good bed comforter and decorative pillows. You can also add a cute chunky throw to the foot of your bed for a subtle fall touch and a pop of color. Having beautiful bed decor will make you want to see how nice your bed looks every day by making it.

I would also suggest buying multiple sets of sheets and pillow cases to change and clean your sheets weekly. This will keep your linens fresh and looking nice.

7. Spend at Least an hour a Week doing a Creative Hobby

Hobbies are a great way to clear your mind and establish self-love. Most people who lack self-love do so because they consider spending time by themselves to be boring and lonely. Decrease your boredom and loneliness by finding a fun hobby that you can do by yourself.

Some ideas for a fun creative hobby include painting, making music playlists, drawing, writing, creating fashionable outfits, making new boards on Pinterest, making a blog and cooking.

To gain motivation for doing a creative hobby, find some inspiring creatives on social media to follow to get ideas, and spend at least one hour a day off of your phone.

8. Treat Yourself Once a Week

Self-love is all about treating yourself the way that you deserve. You can implement this into your fall healthy habits by treating yourself. Decide what are some things that you really enjoy and give yourself a treat every week.

Some ideas to treat yourself include taking a relaxing bath, taking yourself out to eat, taking yourself to the movies, buying some new shoes, getting your hair or nails done, going shopping or having a relaxing evening in the house without disruption.

9. Take Lots of Photos to Romanticize Your Life

Weekly Juice Bar Trip- Romanticized

One of the best ways to romanticize your life is by taking pictures of even the most mundane tasks that you do each day. Anything from your morning coffee, to the sunrise, and a good shoe pic are perfect examples.

It feels so good to look at your camera roll and see how beautiful your life truly easy, even if it feels repetitive sometimes.

To gain motivation to take lots of pictures, try to dress your and choose some aesthetically pleasing things to do each day. You can also get a photo editing app like VSCO to make your photos look even better.

10. Read a “Feel Good” Book at Least Once a Month

“Feel Good” Book

Reading is a great habit to implement in the fall since you will be spending more time indoors. Even if you aren’t an avid reader there is likely a genre that will appeal to you.

Reading is a great way to decompress and spend less time looking at screens during the day. Books can also help develop your mindset and personal development if you are interested in self help books.

To gain motivation to read a “Feel Good” book, spend some time at your local bookstore to read through the titles and find something interesting. You can also spend some time on TikTok to find some great book recommendations for any style of book that you can think of.

Remember to be gentle with yourself as you get used to these healthy habits. It takes time to develop a habit and some will be harder than others to implement into your life. If you have any good habits that you would like to implement, make sure that you get your 90 Day Goal Journal to keep track of your goals and progress.

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